A “Noble” Addition to the Club Sportiva Lineup

Take these attributes into consideration: 0-60 in 3.2 seconds, 1/4 mile in 11.4 seconds, 187 mph at the top, and 109 feet from 60 to stop.  These are numbers that rival some of our top-notch vehicles like our Ferrari 458 Italia rental or Porsche 911 Turbo rental.  But, these figures are actually coming from a smaller, lighter, less powerful, and less expensive vehicle, our Noble M400.  While many enthusiasts recognize the Noble name, or may actually know a thing or two about the somewhat elusive British supercar marque, it remains somewhat of a mystery to many others.  Let’s focus on the M400 and see how it helps to define the Noble brand as a collective force in the supercar realm.

Started only 13 years ago in 1999, Noble has produced 5 successive production models which include the M10, M12, M400, M15, and the M600.  Noble sources its engine infrastructure from existing platforms, with the M400 borrowing Ford’s Duratec as a base for its heavy-breathing, extremely quick turbocharged three-liter V6.  Once the body of the car finishes construction in South Africa, it heart and soul is matched at the Noble headquarters in Leicester, England.  Perhaps one of the reasons many of us know little about the Noble M400, but are so intrigued by it, is because only 220 M400’s and similar variants were imported to the U.S.  What is more is that this lot of 220 are still the only Nobles available to the American market…and we have a killer example.








What makes Noble and its M400 so special?  Firstly, all of these cars are constructed in an “RMR,” or rear-mounted, rear wheel drive set up.  This attribute not only defines the M400, but the Noble brand as a whole.  When the motor is fitted right in front of the rear wheels, and right behind the passenger compartment, the car not only achieves a favorable weight distribution, but also experiences a low moment of inertia.  So, when you feel like really throwing this guy through twists and turns, resistance to your intended direction is at a minimum.  This allows for an astonishing 1.05 g’s on the skid-pad and excellent, linear braking.  For those that aren’t too savvy with stats, this car defines quickness.  So although you aren’t breaking 200 mph like other larger supercars, you’ll be quicker darting around the Bay Area back roads than many of them.








We understand the true experience of a purebred supercar, from that first impression upon approach, to the audible nuances of its motor, to the interior appointments and driver position.  In short, this car surpasses expectations on each of these levels.  Our example comes in a rich silver hue with black aerodynamic accents and black wheels with big, luscious chrome lips.  Not only does this car exude agility, but its small shape and design details give it the luxurious panache of a truly exclusive vehicle, and one that we wouldn’t argue is British.  Inside mimics the sporty intentions of the outside, with alcantara trim dominating your surroundings.  Ambiance is engulfed in the addicting, seductive roar and hiss from the turbo six.  Some cars growl and some cars zoom, but our Noble M400 has a guttural voice that sounds like it will suck up and destroy everything in its path.  Oh yeah, and did we mention that our M400 has been tuned by Turbohoses to generate 600hp and 520 ft. lbs. of torque?  This is one hell of a vehicle you don’t want to miss out on.

Overall, the Noble M400 is intriguing on multiple levels.  Not only is the car and its legacy rare, but it is beautiful and performs better than supercars that are exponentially more expensive.  The U.K. program “Vroom Vroom,” noted that the M400 gives Enzo-like performance at 911 Turbo-like prices.  The Noble M400 reinforces our commitment to providing our patrons with the most unique and exclusive automotive experiences and hope to see you in the cockpit.