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The Tesla Model S is one of the most technologically advanced cars currently available and the soon to be released Apple Watch is going to be the most advanced watch of the year. The two will be able to sync together this summer. The app has 6 pages which have more controls and data than anyone would have imagined on a wrist watch.

The team at Eleks engineering decided to port as much of the Tesla iPhone app over to the watch as they could and they’ve gotten almost every single feature on to the new wrist sized device. Although the Apple Watch does not come out to the public for several months, the software development kit (SDK) has been around for developers since November. The official Tesla Model S app from Tesla Motors has been available on iPhone for years and is an android app in beta.

Eleks produces applications for all of the mobile operating systems as well as new concepts for wearable technology such as Google Glass, and various smart watches.

Now iWatch users will be able to find the location of their Tesla, open the sunroof, unlock the car, change the climate control, and view charging stats all on their wrist. The watch app even allows the user to turn on the headlights, honk the horn, or stop the car from charging. In order for the app to go live, Eleks will need to get permission from Tesla and the goal is to have the app out to Tesla owners everywhere by summer 2015. Pretty soon you might be able to pull your Tesla out of the garage with just a tap on your watch screen.





Source:: Jalopnik