the GigaMansion

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For $500,000,000 you could buy 294 Bugatti Veyron’s, 9 G5 Jet’s, or plenty of mansions anywhere in the world. OR you can buy 1 (just one) GigaMansion in the Bel-Air Hills.

Nile Niami is the wild developer behind the project which is set to be completed within the next 2 years.

The mansion, which will be named “The One” will have 100,000 square feet of indoor space, including a cigar lounge, casino, billiards room, spa, clear-walled pools, night club with an indoor/outdoor dance floor and a jellyfish aquarium. The price works out to around $5,000 per square foot, a figure similar to some Manhattan penthouses, that don’t even have casinos in them!


The client that Niami has in mind is “Someone who already has a $100 million yacht and has seven houses all over the world, in London and Dubai and wherever.”


This bird’s eye view shows a few highlights of the property.

GigaMansion layout


  1. About half of the tennis court had to be built on pilings to account for the land’s contours. This niche will have a covered viewing area and a fire pit.
  2. The infinity pool for the guesthouse, which, when built, will be 5,000 square feet itself.
  3. The motor court and the main house’s entrance hall; a fire display will greet guests as they step inside.
  4. The gigamansion’s main guard gate (there will be a separate area, with monitors, for keeping an eye on the whole estate).
  5. The property will be surrounded on three sides by a moat and other water features, which will make the whole thing appear to be floating.
  6. The “sky deck,” as Niami refers to it, will have a putting green, a bar, a lounge area, and covered loggias.