Porsche Cayman GT4 – a 911 killer?

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Porsche Cayman GT4 in Yellow

The Porsche Cayman GT4 is in the delivery process to several lucky owners throughout the United States. The car is sold out, and unfortunately we couldn’t get our hands on one. But we learned that the guys at MotorTrend didn’t find one to buy either. Thankfully they did drive a GT4 press car very close… Read more »

Chris Harris’ Bugatti EB110 SuperSport Dream

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Chris Harris has driven many of the world’s most spectacular cars. The McLaren P1, Leffari, Porsche 918, Ferrari F40, you name it, he’s been behind the wheel, and probably slid it around a corner or two. In this video, Harris gets to drive a Super Sport edition of the 1990s Bugatti EB110 master piece.  … Read more »

Blue Angels Fly Through Chicago

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The Blue Angels are known for their extreme flying stunts. One of those stunts is the four wide formation in which 4, F/A-18 Hornets, fly sideways, side by side. Over the weekend they performed in Chicago, Illinois and flew closer than usual to the city’s high-rises. The vibrations were felt in office chairs throughout Downtown… Read more »

Hellcat loses to a Mustang

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HPE750 Mustang

We’ve been talking about Hennessey Performance a bit lately. A few weeks ago they announced that they’re in the process of creating a kit for the SRT Hellcat that will get power up to 850 horse at the crank and now to set a benchmark they’ve put their stock Hellcat up against the HPE750 Mustang…. Read more »

The GT350R can take corners

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We’ve written about Ford’s newest track Mustang before, mentioning the glorious exhaust sound. In this newly released video shared by Car and Driver, the GT350R is seen taking a very hot lap around Grattan Raceway. The close up shot of the exhaust looks very similar to the Jaguar F-Type and reminiscent of the Nissan GT-R.  … Read more »

Hennessey is creating a kit for the Hellcat

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Hellcat Challenger

If 642 horsepower at the wheels just doesn’t satisfy you, and you happen to own a HellCat, you’re in luck! Hennessey performance is creating an upgrade kit which will bring power up to 850. To do this, they’re playing with several things. First up, is a new ECU and tune. A high flow air filter is… Read more »

The Ferrari 458 Italia. Taming 562 horses.

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Ferrari 458 Italia in Black and White

The Ferrari 458 Italia is a beautiful car, there’s no doubt about it. But can it drive as smoothly as it looks? The short answer, yes. Although Ferrari’s are meant for the track and roaming through wine country like a wild horse, the Italia is two-faced. It can outrun a Corvette on the track and… Read more »

McLaren 675LT Showing Off

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McLaren 675LT in Green

Earlier this week McLaren presented us with a beautiful video of the new 675LT on the Parcmotor Castelloli circuit in Barcelona. The biggest thing that caught our eye is the massive rear wing that assists with braking. The front looks extremely aggressive with a new lip and the seats look to be just as great as… Read more »

Volvo’s Brilliant Car Seat Concept

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Volov's XC90 child seat concept

Today Volvo announced their newest concept, a child seat system created for the XC90 SUV that allows easy access and view of the child by both the driver and a passenger in the rear right seat. The idea is to have a rear facing child seat in the position of the front passenger seat that… Read more »

Lotus 3 Eleven – No doors, tons of power

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The Lotus 311 - 3 Eleven

How do you make a Lotus Exige S even faster? Step 1: make it roofless (and of course get rid of those silly things called “doors”) Step 2: Upgrade the engine setup to put out 450 horsepower and 332 lb/ft of torque Now you’re all set.   The new Lotus 3-Eleven has the ability to… Read more »