The GT350R Sounds Evil

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Shelby GT350R in White

The newest Mustang, the GT350R comes out this summer and it sounds like a shooting range on a Friday. That’s just in the regular driving mode. Put it into “Track” mode and the sound goes insane! That difference is clear in this video taken at the Ford Nationals. The biggest difference between the two modes is… Read more »

Electric Slide with the BMW i8

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BMW i8 caught doing the electric slide

The BMW i8 can boogie, but did you ever expect it to Electric Slide? Well we found a few videos to help you evaluate. With its combination of an electric front engine and 3 cylinder rear engine, the i8 puts out a respectable 357 horsepower and 420-lb feet of torque, giving it ample power to overwhelm… Read more »

300 Horsepower Hummer vs 100 Horsepower Miata

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Doug Demuro, the man known for finding first world problems with his Ferrari 360 has moved on from his F-car to a Hummer H1. He decided to take the H1 onto the track at New Jersey Motorsports Park. The 300 horsepower H1 was no match for a 100 horsepower Miata. It wasn’t a match for… Read more »

James May Drives the Ferrari 488 GTB

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Not having Top Gear doesn’t mean that James May isn’t driving Ferraris, let alone on the back roads of Italy. In a video published by Sunday Times Driving, James May reviews the all new 2015 Ferrari 488 GTB. The first ever mid-engine Ferrari with a turbo charged engine (if you exclude the limited edition F40)…. Read more »

Porsche Cayman GTS – Better than Rice Krispies

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Porsche Cayman GTS interior

Snap, Crackle and Pop. Those are the sounds made by our Porsche Cayman GTS. It may only have a 3.4 liter flat six (that puts out 340 Horsepower) but the sound easily competes with our former Jaguar F-Type V8S. The GTS features a distinctive two-tract sports tailpipe in black which can be controlled by a button… Read more »

8 Reasons to Drive the R8

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If you haven’t driven an R8 yet. You should. Inside, the car seems like most other Audis. Comfy seats, pretty gauges, a standard looking navigation system and the R8’s 6-speed gated shifter. 1. It’s got 525 horsepower The R8 uses the same engine as the Lamborghini Gallardo, a 5.2L V10 mounted right behind the seats…. Read more »

Bentley Mulsanne vs Maybach S600

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Maybach S600 vs Bentley Mulsanne

The guys over at MotorTrend put the Maybach S600 up against the Bentley Mulsanne in a battle of the boat cars to be chauffeured in. Everything from the styling to the champagne glass holders are compared. The biggest difference between the Bentley and the Maybach is in the rear seats. The Maybach looks very similar… Read more »

2016 Camaro Crashed

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2016 Camaro Test-Mule bumped into a tire wall

Jalopnik’s Patrick George was at GM’s press event for the 2016 Camaro and he happened to bump a test-mule into a wall.   Check out the video he was courageous enough to share below.