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The time has come for a new supercar from Lamborghini.  While this entails generous helpings of excitement and gossip within the auto industry, even more prevalent is a sense of fear.  You may be wondering, why would a new car incite fear in us?  Part of the reason is that with cars getting more and more powerful, the Aventador being the poster child for this point, can we really handle them?  Couple this power with advanced technology and inhibitors and we can extend this period of drivability, but the Aventador rides a fine line between driver control and g-force filled mayhem, and we like it.  With its short snout and wide, long and stable rear, the Aventador adheres to all the design cues we love from Lamborghini.  And with an even more gaping side scoop then its most recent ancestors, this car epitomizes form molding seamlessly with function because this car needs a lot of breathing room to operate 690 horses out of its 6.5 liter V12.  But before we get completely lost in the outstanding specs and performance figures of the Aventador, let’s see how this beast even came about.

To Lamborghini purists, this is the LP700-4, the newly crowned flagship taking the throne from the Murcielago series.  Its other name comes from the legendary Aventador, a trophy-winning bull in the world of Spanish bullfighting; a bull that took part in a notably spirited, bloody and violent battle in 1993.  Whether it is the ferocity of the driving experience or the name alone, Lamborghini (more than any other brand) provides us the most sinister supercars around.  I mean, Murcielago came from a different bull who survived 28 sword strikes and Diablo, well, that just flat out means devil.  With that in mind, choosing your Lamborghini is truly choosing your battle.  So suit up, get that red flag out, and let’s see what the Aventador can do.

Firstly, the V-12 is a brand-new design for the Aventador. To give some perspective, the most powerful rendition of the Murcielago was the LP670-4 Super Veloce with 661 horses and 487 pound-feet. The Aventador is the perfect example of automotive evolution, though, seeing as how the Aventador pumps out  690 horsepower and 509 pound-feet of while using 20% less fuel, translating into 20% fewer carbon dioxide emissions.  In fact, the engine sits 2.36 inches lower in the car, reducing the center of gravity height.  All of this results in a sprint to 60 in 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 217 mph.  YES PLEASE.

Next, Sant’ Agata created a new transmission, a seven-speed robot based on an Independent Shift Rod design. It uses four shifting rods that allow the next gear to be selected while you’re still in a different gear. It only uses only one clutch, a far cry from the slower and heavier DSG. A hundred milliseconds too slow for you?  No worries, this powertrain shifts in 50.  As if these advancements aren’t convincing enough, it is the very core of the Aventador that may be the biggest change, and a very welcome change at that.  Rather than using steel and aluminum (that’s so 2010) Lambo fit the car with a full carbon-fiber monocoque.  The entire chassis weighs 505 pounds and is extremely stiff.  The Aventador chassis is rated at 35,000 newton-meters per degree of deflection.  The Countach? 2,600 newton-meters.  All in all, this car is about 200 pounds lighter than a standard LP640.  This reduced weight sits atop Full aluminum unequal length control arms that use pushrods to actuate inboard mounted springs and dampers, helping to distribute mass to the center of the car.

Dare to go inside and you’ll find a beautiful, uber sporty cabin that is completely in tune with the driver.  The raised and very lateral center stack is very user friendly and gives you a very intimate relationship with the controls of the car.  This is important since the Drive Select System enables vehicle characteristics (engine, transmission, differential, stability control, steering) to be set in accordance with individual driver preferences in one of three modes — Strada (road), Sport and Corsa (track).  Wrap all of this in a wide array of color combinations (custom colors are also available, of course) and you have yourself one of the most attractive and sought after cars today.  From our point of view, one of the most exciting parts of this is the fact that the prospect of offering you an Aventador experience is on the horizon.

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