Membership Referral Contest ending April 30th 2018

Members, Our second Member Referral Contest will start today and will end on the 30th of April.  As we had success with the last contest, and many Members received significant […]

How to Get Behind the Wheel of a Porsche, Lamborghini or Other World-Class…

  Club Sportiva Member John J. Bowen Jr. and Russ Alan Prince recently interviewed our CEO, Sia Bani, to learn more about exotic car ownership & sharing options available for […]

Club Sportiva pioneered Car Sharing in 2003.

Share an exotic, sports, or luxury vehicle and gain access to the entire Club Sportiva collection with our exclusive CarShare programs. These programs either provide access to other vehicles or […]

Club Sportiva announces its new Club Ambassadors

Club Sportiva Members –   We’ve hit a fairly big milestone this month with the help of a handful of the Members, our new Club Ambassadors, that have volunteered to step […]