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How have your feelings evolved over the several years since BMW broke cover on its hybrid i8?  The somewhat controversial new sports car has been lauded for its vision, but not fully understood for its appearance.  That hasn't gone unrecognized by the folks in Frankfurt and has led to BMW releasing a duo of videos answering questions about the unique styling and gas-electric performance of its i8 sports car.  As a staple of the luxury car market, BMW aims to keep diehard fans captivated using a new design direction without straying from its roots.  A BMW spokesman explains how a pragmatic, aerodynamic design couples with the driving experience fans expect.  BMW notes the i8’s signature kidney grille and driver-oriented cockpit while making a point to mention the scissor doors and triple tone paint job.  The i8’s aerodynamic design is topped off with a V-shaped linear element running from the hood scoop to what BMW calls a, ‘layered’ rear-end.  The performance video explains how the 231-hp turbo gasoline and 131-hp electric engines combine to produce top-notch gas mileage and performance to boot.  Only once the i8 bows will enthusiasts decide if the futuristic sports car will live up to the hype.

– Evan W.

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