Chris Harris Reviews the BMW M2

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BMW M2 burning tires

Souped up 2 series, or perfect 3 series? This isn’t really an M2, rather it’s an M3 or what the M3 should have been. In this fascinating, rubber-burning filled video of Chris Harris thrashing around a new BMW M2, Chris explains all the joys that come of this little machine. As you’ll see in the… Read more »

New Car Alert – Ferrari California in Blu Pozzi

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As the warmer months approach, we will expand our fleet for 2017.  As a start, we just introduced a Ferrari California finished in a very unique and rare Blu Pozzi paint. The paint alters between dark blue, dark green, and black depending on the light and angle at which you view it. Produced from 2008… Read more »

Maserati MC meets the iPhone 7

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This past Friday, Apple released the iPhone 7. One of the most touted features is the new 12-megapixel camera which is supposed to have a wider color range and produce sharper images than the previous iPhone cameras. We partnered with Should I Get It to produce a video that put the iPhone 7 against the 6S… Read more »

Noble M400 Review – An Unparalleled Driving Experience

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Last week I was down at Monterey Car Week through some interesting turns of fate my friend and I ended up having an extremely rare 2007 Noble M400 for a few days to do with what we pleased. If you aren’t familiar with the M400, I’m not surprised. This is the “track” version of the… Read more »

Monterey Car Week 2016 Recap

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We had a great time this year in Monterey for Car Week. Casa Sportiva was in full force all week where we hosted BBQs and poker nights. The Ferrari 360, 458 Italia and Lamborghini Huracan resided in the gated driveway while the 675LT got a spot in the garage. View all our photos in this album…. Read more »

Making Room for Our New Viper

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The time has come for our 2013 SRT Viper to go, rather, evolve, into an even more fun vehicle. We aren’t yet sure how long the build is going to take, but we’re excited to get our hands on the ACR Viper later this year.    

New Car Alert – Tesla Model X and Fiat 500E

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We’ve welcomed two new electric cars into our collection for Summer 2016. The Tesla Model X P90D in Metallic Blue and a Fiat 500E that we offer complimentary to Members.   Here are our three favorite features of the Model X.   Auto-Closing Driver Door We didn’t think this would be a feature we’d notice… Read more »

The Bugatti Chiron is as Wide as a Hummer H2

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We had the opportunity to view the Bugatti Chiron while it was on display in the Bay Area at Los Gatos Luxury Cars, and the first thing we noticed was the extreme width. The Veyron, of course, had an impressive stance but the Chiron added even more presence. At 80.2″ wide, that’s 4″ wider than the Veyron. For… Read more »

The Audi RS7 Performance is faster than expected

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Audi is in the horsepower wars again, and their RS7 Performance is pushing 605 horsepower under the hood which brings it to a claimed 60mph in 3.3 seconds. But to put it to the test, Jason Connor of Hooniverse took the RS7 to Shift Sector’s Airstrip Attack in Coalinga, CA. Airstrip Attack is a two-day… Read more »

Motor Trend’s Day with the 3 Tesla Models

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We’re really excited to get our Tesla Model X later this month and this video showcasing all 3 of the current Tesla Models makes us just that much more excited. The team at Motor Trend got to spend a whole day at the Tesla Giga Factory in Reno, Nevada and the Tesla Model 3 was… Read more »