The Audi RS7 Performance is faster than expected

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Audi is in the horsepower wars again, and their RS7 Performance is pushing 605 horsepower under the hood which brings it to a claimed 60mph in 3.3 seconds. But to put it to the test, Jason Connor of Hooniverse took the RS7 to Shift Sector’s Airstrip Attack in Coalinga, CA. Airstrip Attack is a two-day… Read more »

Motor Trend’s Day with the 3 Tesla Models

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We’re really excited to get our Tesla Model X later this month and this video showcasing all 3 of the current Tesla Models makes us just that much more excited. The team at Motor Trend got to spend a whole day at the Tesla Giga Factory in Reno, Nevada and the Tesla Model 3 was… Read more »

The Process of a 4-Stroke Engine

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Our friends over at Borelli Motor Sports put together a great piece on the history and basics of a 4-stroke engine and we thought our readers would enjoy the write up as well. Have a look and let us know what you think!   Think you know cars? You understand how engines work. You’ve gotten in, taken… Read more »

Focus RS – Better than an M2? No. Just as good? Yes!

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The gentleman over at Auto Express got the BMW M2 on the track along with the Ford Focus RS.   Ford’s $36,000 RS is based on an all wheel drive system that Ford proclaims feels like rear-wheel drive and can easily be pushed into controllable oversteer. Meanwhile, the BMW M2 which starts at $52,000 is strictly… Read more »

The new BBC Top Gear – What to Expect

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BBC has released an extended trailer for the totally revamped Top Gear and in great Top Gear fashion it reveals a plethora of supercars that will be featured this season. The most exciting ones seem to be the Aston Martin Vulcan, McLaren 675LT, and Ferrari F12 TDF, which gets properly hooned by Chris Harris. We… Read more »

An Inside Look: Acura NSX Factory

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Acura’s NSX is finally in production and Honda has come up with several brand new processes for their Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC) in Marysville, Ohio where 8 Acura NSXs are built every day. Inside the 200,000 square foot plant, a single technician builds each entire engine. 547 Studs and Bolts go into each one before… Read more »

718 – The 2017 Porsche Cayman

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2017 Porsche Cayman

It wasn’t long ago that we wrote about the Boxster 718 so the announcement of a Porsche Cayman 718 series with turbocharged engines was to be expected. We loved our Porsche Cayman GTS with its 3.4L flat 6 cranking 340 horsepower, the sound was vicious and corners didn’t stand a chance against it. The 718 S… Read more »

Jaguar F-Type S in SUV form = F-Pace

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380 horsepower. 320lb/ft of torque. A top speed of 155mph and luggage room for 5 adults to go on a ski trip. That’s what the F-Pace SUV is all about. It keeps the dynamic driving and luxury Jaguar is known for while making itself easy to utilize for any occasion.   The supercharged V6 is… Read more »

Ford GT – Matching Performance to Design

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  Ford’s biggest challenge with the Ford GT was developing a race car and street car in one project. When building a racecar, the process begins at the tire and goes towards what the tire needs around it for maximum performance. On the other hand, a street car’s design begins with the driver and making… Read more »

Club Sportiva pioneered Car Sharing in 2003.

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Share an exotic, sports, or luxury vehicle and gain access to the entire Club Sportiva collection with our exclusive CarShare programs. These programs either provide access to other vehicles or financial benefits, such as savings on depreciation, taxes, insurance, maintenance, and even storage of the vehicle. Car Sharing Programs • LeaseShare If you finance, lease,… Read more »