An AirPlane and Yacht Combo for VIPs – Designed By Mercedes-Benz

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At the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show, Mercedes-Benz revealed the final renderings for two of their newest non-land vehicles. The first is a private jet being built in partnership with Lufthansa Technik.  The interior design seems to take many cues from the S-Class. Lines continues from the floor, up through the walls and to the ceiling. There are… Read more »

Start Flying with Surf Air

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   Email  Call Start flying with Surf Air Take advantage of Surf Air, the newest way to fly. With Surf Air, you can book last minute flights through the app and arrive at the airport without dealing with the hassles associated with travel. Parking? Complimentary. TSA? Skip it. Flights are available throughout most of the… Read more »

2 Planes. 2 JetPacks. + a Helicopter

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planes and jetpacks

                In 2014 Airbus created a video of 5 A350 airlines flying together in a formation which was incredible (watch it here). Now Emirates has one-upped that video with an Airbus A380 flying over Dubai in formation with 2 pilots on jetpacks. The video was filmed in conjunction… Read more »

London to New York in 30 Minutes – Skreemr

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Skreemr jet concept

Charles Bombardier and Ray Mattison have been working on the design of a new aircraft concept, the Skreemr. A 75 person luxury supersonic jet, that could get travelers from London to New York in less than an hour.  The Skreemr would utilize scramjet technology, which uses the high speed of the jet to compress air… Read more »

Blue Angels Fly Through Chicago

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The Blue Angels are known for their extreme flying stunts. One of those stunts is the four wide formation in which 4, F/A-18 Hornets, fly sideways, side by side. Over the weekend they performed in Chicago, Illinois and flew closer than usual to the city’s high-rises. The vibrations were felt in office chairs throughout Downtown… Read more »

The most incredible images from Princess Juliana Airport at Maho Beach

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Princess Juliana Airport is right off the shore of Sint Marteen. With international flights flying right over head of beach goers at Maho Beach. Princess Juliana is a public airport with many flights coming in everyday. Aircraft range from commercial airliners to Cessnas. In the photos below you can really understand just how close the… Read more »

Dropping a WRX out of an airplane

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The film crew for the Fast and Furious series has been creating wonderfully dramatic stunts for years now. For Furious 7 (releasing in less than 3 weeks) they dropped several cars out of a C-130 for an opening scene. In the scene the cars drop into the mountains and take off. One of the most… Read more »