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There is a rumor going around that Lexus is working on a million dollar LFA-II.

Well $375k worth of supercar just isn’t enough to prove yourself these days.  Many sources, including this article from Edmund’s Inside Line, have been speculating about a Ferrari Enzo caliber, million-dollar sports car from Lexus.  Many times, endeavors such as this do not represent a genuine interest in entering that product category, but rather is a way for a brand to flex its muscle and attempt to build positive associations that would then be transferred down the rest of the lineup; some believe that this was the case with the LF-A.  This strategy should not be looked down upon by any means.  It’s a good thing when an auto brand expands its imagination and pushes its own limits for both science and show.  But back to the LF-A II.  With the number of rumors that are out there from credible sources, the horizons seem bright for such a car from Lexus.  But wait, what about an SC430 successor?  The LFA-II concept seems better fitted for an SC replacement than a million-dollar supercar, but we shall see; we’ll keep you updated!