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The film crew for the Fast and Furious series has been creating wonderfully dramatic stunts for years now. For Furious 7 (releasing in less than 3 weeks) they dropped several cars out of a C-130 for an opening scene. In the scene the cars drop into the mountains and take off. One of the most easily recognizable cars is the Subaru WRX, a fan favorite which got a lot of buzz when the first trailer was released.

Instead of using computer generated imagery (CGI) they actually dropped 2 cars out of a C-130 over the dessert. The cars were dropped at 12,000 feet and parachutes were deployed at 5,000 feet. 3 aerial camera flyers jumped along with the cars with RED cameras strapped to their helmets to film all of the action in ultra high definition. The production team was set in a helicopter just hundreds of yards away from the plane watching the camera footage in real time. The skydivers would maneuver all around the cars to get plenty of angles for the studio to work with. We can only imagine how scary it must be beneath a huge car free falling down over you. At 1:14 you can see the WRX get pushed right out of the plane with two flyers following close behind.


The production crew had to prepare for months in order to get all of the drop points, spacing and calculations set to make sure everything was done safely. Thankfully all over the cars and crew survived the epic shoot.