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If you've ever been the subject of concern in a hot pursuit (it better not have been in one of our cars), you might know that the classic Crown Victoria, though a capable V8-powered sedan, is no supercar.  So, with all of the supercars that adorn Dubai's streets, it's no surprise that its police force needs the the most powerful cars available in its fleet.  We've reported on the city's Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and more, but now they've upped the ante with the inclusion of a Mclaren MP4-12c patrol car.  To the novice enthusiast, Dubai Police's new Mclaren MP4-12c may seem like just another supercar amid their others, but as providers of the jaw-dropping McLaren MP4-12c, we know that this is a special edition.  The flashy examples of Dubai's governance are not intended to attend to situations described above, so the McLaren's 592 horsepower twin-turbo V8 isn't expected to be put to use very often.  For you the reader, the McLaren's awesome power can be at your toes right away with a quick call, email, or visit to our fleet.  If you do decide to have the ride of your life in a McLaren MP4-12c, we just ask that you keep your interaction with the police to a friendly head nod.

– Evan W.

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