BMW i8 caught doing the electric slide

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The BMW i8 can boogie, but did you ever expect it to Electric Slide? Well we found a few videos to help you evaluate. With its combination of an electric front engine and 3 cylinder rear engine, the i8 puts out a respectable 357 horsepower and 420-lb feet of torque, giving it ample power to overwhelm the 215 millimeter wide tires in the rear (215/45/20 is the full size).

One of the biggest downsides of sliding the i8 is how underwhelming it is to the senses. It’s like watching Independence Day on mute, while entertaining, doesn’t provide the audible overload required to wow you. Then again, the same could be said about the P85D which takes the previous analogy and destroys it, along with any preconceived notion of electric and performance blending harmoniously. Just because you can’t hear it, doesn’t mean it can’t be awesome, as we can now attest to after watching this i8 party to tune of Marcia Griffiths.