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The Audi Prologue concept made a comeback at this year’s CES show in Las Vegas and more impressive than it’s hybrid engine setup (making 669 horsepower) is the technology in it. The Prologue will most likely come into Audi’s production line under the A9 name to compete with Mercedes-Benz’s S63 AMG coupe. Other than the dual engine setup which will get it from 0-60 in less than 3.7 seconds the A9 will feature all wheel steering allowing up to five degrees of turn on the rear wheels to stabilize the car at high speeds.

Inside, the technology brings Audi to a whole new level in terms of features vehicle owners didn’t even know they want. Using multi device bluetooth, the seats will adjust according to which phone the car recognizes in which seat so if you and your passenger switch seats, they’ll automatically move for your preset comfort. The driver is immersed in a world of flexible LED displays which interact with one another so that applications such as navigation can simply be swiped between screens. Screens have also been added on the passenger side so that the passenger can view the map and change settings, then toss the app back to the driver side. The Prologue also features Matrix laser headlights and an over-boost function to get more power out of it’s twin turbocharged 4.0 liter V8.


A debut for Audi’s newest flagship isn’t set yet, but we have a feeling it’ll be here by the end of 2017.

Check out this video of the Prologue driving in Southern California:




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