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Ford’s biggest challenge with the Ford GT was developing a race car and street car in one project. When building a racecar, the process begins at the tire and goes towards what the tire needs around it for maximum performance. On the other hand, a street car’s design begins with the driver and making the perfect vehicle to fit around them. Somehow the design of both versions of the new GT meshed together perfectly to create a street and racecar on the same timeline.


To win races Ford knows that using the most modern technology is a must.  A big learning curve for Ford was the use of carbon fiber. Most of the GT’s body is comprised of CF and they are now looking into lowering the cost with their partners to bring the technology to other cars in the lineup like the Shelby GT350 and Focus RS.

Ford GT open door

The V6 EcoBoost engine is a win-win for the design teams as on the street it delivers fuel efficiency and on the track, “high horsepower” (ratings have yet to be released by Ford).

Bill Ford, the Executive Chairman of Ford Motor Company says he has serial #1 on order and that unlike many previous Ford GT owners, he will not be leaving it in a museum, but rather driving it as much as he can. That’s great news!

Ford GT on the track