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The old debate, which is better? A sports car with some miles, maybe a little bolster wear and a couple rocks chips or a pristine beauty relegated to the garage and concours circuit but with a perpetually dead battery however cosmetically perfect otherwise?

To me, as well as hundreds of Club Sportiva Members over the years, it is an easy question. A car is meant to be driven and I’ll take a car with an imperfection any day over a stunningly gorgeous near-zero mileage beauty.

However, not everyone feels the way I do. My least favorite car is the gorgeous classic that can’t be driven for fear of use. I am so appalled by this strategy of plowing restoration cost into a car that will never be used because the owner can’t deflower the car after the cosmetic enhancements. True, I’m being a tad bit melodramatic, but my point still stands. The car probably needs another wax to protect it from the dust…

On the other hand, I ever so much applaud the person who does spend the time and money to restore their car and then actually enjoys getting behind the wheel. Those are the true (and bravest) folks who not only love their toy enough to spend thousands to restore it but then have the guts to enjoy seat time on the open roads. Those are the people who deserve every thumbs up they get on the road. Bravo.

I also really poke fun at those folks who have a great driving car parked in their garage who don’t actually drive it. This car is the occasional sunny Saturday driver or the rare and elusive Friday-I’ll-take-her to-work-car to-show-the-guys car that should be driven a lot more but isn’t. These guys need the biggest whack on the wrist. At least the trailer queen car stays permanently waxed in the cryogenics garage because a single rock chip will cost a few points at the Palo Alto Concours and adding 3M clear coat is so not an option. Not that I’m defending that owner (or car) but at least that individual is competitively striving for perfection and a massive trophy even if the car is wildly unhappy with the way its life turned out.

The guy with the 2004 Porsche 911 C4 cabriolet who has 4,500 miles deserves the dead battery which he curses every time he actually tries to start the car. Look at it this way, the car is going to depreciate whether or not you are driving it and, believe it or not, it actually drives as well and easily as your BMW sedan, so why let it linger sadly in the garage. Get out and enjoy it. Who wants to tell their grand children they had a cool car that sat in the garage until they sold it?

The old days of sports cars being hard to drive, unreliable and a high drama driving experience are generally in the past. Really, over the past 10 years, any car can be driven daily, from Ferrari to Lotus and everything in between. Having a toy in the garage only enhances your life experiences if you get to enjoy driving it.

For the enthusiasts who just can’t bring themselves to drive their garage queens, feel free to drive Club Sportiva’s collection guilt-free. But regardless, I encourage everyone to put miles on their cars and enjoy every down shift, every 90 degree turn, every stomp-to-go acceleration opportunity.

Sports cars are meant to be driven regularly and in a spirited fashion. Grab the keys without hesitation and step on it tomorrow, or better yet, today. Just Drive!