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An interesting story has recently surfaced, and is one that reminds us not to mess with brand names and copyrights, especially when it’s Ferrari.  At first we thought the title may have had something to do with a rendering of the F70 Enzo successor.  Well, renderings are still legal as long as you don’t plan or claim to plan to build it, that is.  Not long ago an amateur photoshop picture of what was to be an F12 Berlinetta-based Milano Torino custom Ferrari dubbed the “Ferrari 770 Daytona.”  And that is where the problem lies, in the fact that they named it a “Ferrari.”  The idea that brands have strict control over the usage of their name is not a tough concept to grasp, but these photoshoppers still weren’t quite careful enough for Ferrari’s lawyers.  The website that housed the rendering is now completely gone along with the idea of a Daytona-fied F12 Berlinetta.  Other design houses can get away with modified Ferrari’s because they don’t name them as a Ferrari model, but rather by their own brand name.  For example, Mansory’s latest toy based on the 458 Italia is called the “Mansory Siracusa.”  Plus, when the likes of Eric Clapton are spending nearly 20 times MSRP on a custom Ferrari, one-offs have to be strictly controlled.

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