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380 horsepower. 320lb/ft of torque. A top speed of 155mph and luggage room for 5 adults to go on a ski trip. That’s what the F-Pace SUV is all about. It keeps the dynamic driving and luxury Jaguar is known for while making itself easy to utilize for any occasion.


The supercharged V6 is the same one found under the hood of the F-Type S. It’s connected to all four wheels using the lovely ZF 8-speed transmission, however, the power is biased towards the rear rather than the front like most of its competitors.

Jaguar F-Type supercharged V6

When the Porsche Macan SUV launched midway through the development of the F-Pace, Jaguar’s team made a push to provide a sportier experience than originally planned. Good move Jaguar. Now it’s a serious competitor with its dynamic driving modes and addicting supercharger whine. The “eco” button brings fuel efficiency up to an impressive 31mpg.

The weight balance is nearly 50/50, which allows it to handle corners with more confidence than a regular SUV.

All in all the F-Pace seems like a great Sport Utility Vehicle that keeps the fun in driving.