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The Jaguar XKR-S convertible may not be breaking news, but with our blog on convertibles still hot off the press, it was just too appropriate.  Firstly, the XKR-S is one hot car, packing 550 HP from its supercharged V8, hitting 60 in 4.2 seconds, and coming in at over $130,000.  And while our last blog entry highlighted some of the detrimental factors of convertible tops, this is a car that wears it very very well.  Surprising?  Not really.  The Jaguar XK has always been comfortable with its top off, proven by the fact that nearly 90% of late 90’s and early millennium XK’s were chosen as convertibles.  The 2013 XKR-S convertible is stunning, muscular and ferocious.  Jaguar manners are left at the door and the peace is bound to be disturbed.  The sound alone is both intoxicating and frightening, spot on for an exotic.  This convertible also benefits from a revised chassis that drives just like the coupe minus copious amounts of wind blowing your face back.  Sure, there are some Jag drawbacks like heavy weight and some understeer but overall this cat is the perfect example of a tire-smoking, sporting convertible.

– Evan W.

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