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The excitement is building here at Club Sportiva for Lamborghini’s Gallardo successor which is supposed to break cover later this month.  We’ve had more than one Lamborghini Gallardo rental available in our paddock, including our yellow Gallardo veteran that has become a staple in our collection.  Oh yeah, and who can forget about the stunning Lamborghini Murcielago rental we recently added?  Point is, we love Lambo and we’re ready for new bull – we’re sure she’ll come out fighting.  There has been fiery speculation over most aspects of the new car, but one thing remains unknown – what’s her name?  Everyone seemed quite sure that ‘Cabrera’ would constitute the badging on Lamborghini’s new supercar and in fact, we referred to this name in our previous 2 updates.  Lamborghini’s classic taste has followed a nomenclature that is based on lines of famous bulls, but rumors that the new exotic car will be dubbed “Huracan” ditch this tradition.  The rumors do have some substance, though, and are based on the Huracan trademark that was filed at the same time the Italian brand registered the “Urus” name for its SUV.  But wait, the “Deimos” name was also filed at that time.  So between ‘Cabrera,’ ‘Huracan,’ and ‘Deimos,’ which do you like best?  At this point, we’re just ready to hop in the driver’s seat, regardless of the name!

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