Skreemr jet concept

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Charles Bombardier and Ray Mattison have been working on the design of a new aircraft concept, the Skreemr. A 75 person luxury supersonic jet, that could get travelers from London to New York in less than an hour. 

The Skreemr would utilize scramjet technology, which uses the high speed of the jet to compress air into the engine rather than pumping it from on board the plane. The purpose of the system is to create a smaller plane with much less weight. That weight reduction and powerful induction would get passengers to 10 times the speed of sound (7600+ miles per hour).

Bombardier’s vision for the Skreemr  is to have 75 seats for passengers, four wings and two massive rockets on the rear which assist during the launch process from a magnetic railgun system. On launch, the Skreemr would reach Mach 4, using the liquid-oxygen or kerosene powered rockets.

Scramjet technology is already being tested by the United States and China for military purposes, getting into commercial aviation could take decades.

If the Skreemr sees flight one day it will be 5 times faster than the beloved Concorde, and 50 times faster than our Ferrari 458 Italia. 

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