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Consider this, you love being outdoors, but don’t find sitting in the wind, wet, cold, or even extreme head particularly comfortable. The solution is clear: The Casa Bubble. Inflate one of these in your courtyard, garden, or frankly—anywhere, and you can feel like you are outdoors all year long without being distracted by oppressive weather. The bubbles were created by two French designers with a green initiative to construct, “A maximum of pleasure, for a minimum of material and energy expenditure.”

The tents are frameless and virtually roofless and stays inflated via a specially designed turbine that keeps the bubbles structurally sound while filtering out humidity and pollen. The tents come with a variation of opacity—from transparent to practically opaque. The designers credit their idea to a childhood dream of sleeping under the Milky Way, albeit comfortably.

The bubbles are made from the highest grade of new PVC’s with variation of material and style based on geographical locations and weather conditions. It takes just shy of an hour to set up one personal bubble, and a customer can connect multiple bubbles to create an adult fort fit for a romantic evening under the stars. The Casa Bubble is even mobile, deflating the 13ft bubble will leave you with a bag that fits in your backseat and weighs about 100 lbs. If you add in one of our exotic rental offerings to complement the excursion, you could have a truly luxurious glamping—that’s glamorous camping—trip on your hands.

-Evan W.