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This past Friday, Apple released the iPhone 7. One of the most touted features is the new 12-megapixel camera which is supposed to have a wider color range and produce sharper images than the previous iPhone cameras.

We partnered with Should I Get It to produce a video that put the iPhone 7 against the 6S Plus, side by side. What better test subject than our Bianco Fuji (Pearl White) Maserati GranTurismo MC? The exterior looks are stunning with the 20-inch black rims and sparkling white paint. Inside, the MC is filled with carbon fiber which can be seen in the second round of test shots.

You can see the video below which shows photos taken with the iPhone 7 side-by-side to those with the 6S+.



See the images yourself below (click image to enlarge file):

maserati-mc-exterior-shot-on-iphone-6s-plus-1 maserati-mc-exterior-shot-on-iphone-7-1

For the interior shots you can really see a difference when it comes to the detail in the carbon fiber.

maserati-mc-interior-shot-on-iphone-6s-plus-1 maserati-mc-interior-shot-on-iphone-7-1