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It was a few months ago that we introduced you to our torque-rich German, the Mercedes SL55 AMG.  And while we pride ourselves on providing those from all walks of life with the experience of driving the most renowned automobiles around, knowing the high-profile individuals that also enjoy these cars is often equally as intriguing.  With the recent passing of tech revolutionary, Steve Jobs, we auto enthusiasts picked up an interesting bit of news: Jobs not only drove an SL55 AMG himself, but it never wore license plates…never.  Alright, so we found out what Jobs, himself a person of power and notoriety, was driving around here in Silicon Valley.  Most of the time we are shielded from the kinds of cars our favorite celebrities, political and business figures enjoy from day to day.  Through their vehicles we can see how powerful figures make use of their plentiful assets, or how they are determined to maintain a humble image.  We know well of Jerry Seinfeld’s Porsche fetish, Leonardo DiCaprio’s oh-so-conscious Prius and Conan O’Brien’s 1992 Ford Taurus Sho, the latter being a relationship as silly as the man himself.  But Steve Jobs’ daily driver is even more exciting to find out about.  I mean, what car could satisfy the expectations of the man who has helped sculpt our modern relationship with technology?

Well, while some might like to think he had a high-priced Italian or had someone else drive altogether, the SL55 AMG could not be more fitting.  Clean and timeless lines, appropriately luxurious trim and a state-of-the-art powerplant…sounds a bit like your iPhone.  Moreover, think of it as a Ferrari in turtleneck.  But, of course, interest in what Steve Jobs drove can easily go stale in time, so a dose of “scandal” is in order.  Call it evading the law or an attempt to fly under the radar, but the intentions behind keeping his car unidentified likely has nothing to do with “staying different” or as a “rich man way” to be lawless as some are speculating.  I mean, what would’ve been better, an iPod white SL55 with center caps adorned with Apple logos?  The bottom line is that Mr. Jobs had a classic, powerful and tasteful ride for a man of his means, and being one of the revered sports cars in our paddock, we like his style.

But wait, how could he have possibly driven legally without license plates?  Could he possibly have skeletons in the closet we haven’t known about all this time?  We all love a little bit of gossip, but whether or not he legally complied with a six-month lease cycle or had multiples of the same car, let’s focus a bit more on the Mercedes he drove; the same model we have waiting for you to drive.  Fitted with a high displacement, supercharged V8, the SL55 AMG is the model that takes the Mercedes SL series touring classification into exotic car territory.  This beast packs just under 500 horsepower and just over 500 lb. ft. of torque (493hp & 516lb.ft.), enough to reach 60 in 4.5 seconds.  From these facts alone we can see the intentions here might have been to provide enough spin to give the chassis a workout and the tires a healthy traction test.  Add in all of the creature comforts and exceptional design you expect from Mercedes and you have yourself an exotic coupe that is exceptional for a road trip or to add a bit of spirit and style into your next arrival.  If nothing else, our silver Mercedes SL55 AMG can be an ode to the ingenuity and excitement that Steve Jobs instilled in his products right here in Silicon Valley.

So, hop in, drop the top for Jobs and enjoy the ride.

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