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Engines with double-digit cylinder counts have become infamously rare as fuel efficiency requirements continue to tighten worldwide.  The Big-Three of Germany, Benz, BMW, and Audi, have refined their engine lineup with a myriad of turbocharged four and six cylinder powerplants, yet continue to bake their flagship sedan with a V12 inside; cue the new Mercedes-Benz S600.  Introduced at NAIAS this week, the redesigned 2014 S600 is packing a 523 horsepower V12 power plant with 612 pound-feet of torque.  Since Benz has retired Maybach as its elite luxury brand, the new V12 beast poses as their flagship land-yacht, nipping at the heels of luxury staples Rolls-Royce and Bentley.  I’m not talking BMW 760Li or Audi A8 W12 here; this big-snouted Benz is the executive German sedan to rule them all.  The futureproof S600 boasts a heads up display, as well as reclining rear seats and a refrigerator.  We cannot wait to get our mitts on one of these; luckily we have our SLS AMG and E350 cabriolet rentals to tide us over on the Benz brand until launch.  Enthusiasts inquire as to why Benz still produces the beast when there are sportier alternatives such as the S63 AMG, but we believe Mercedes-Benz will have no issue moving plenty of these executive icons.

-Evan W.

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