Posted by & filed under Uncategorized. and Gran Turismo 5 are partnering up for the Race Through the Bay challenge. Sign up your two-person team today to spend an afternoon in San Francisco navigating to various check points in the city, completing Gran Turismo 5 inspired challenges and racing towards the finish line. You’ll also be one of the first people to play Gran Turismo 5 before it releases. You may even have the chance to meet GT5 Creator Kazunori Yamauchi.

IGN is entering its own team featuring Community Manager Scott Bromley and Ben Dally. Do you have the skill and cunning to put them in your rearview mirror? Make it an amazing race.

The grand prize winner takes home a Le Mans Membership to Club Sportiva that will give you access to drive the hottest sports cars available. Make the GT5 experience an everyday experience. Second and third place finishers also get Club Sportiva experiences.

Whether you win or lose, you’re still invited to the GT 5 Party at a secret location in downtown San Francisco. Meet your favorite IGN Editors. Play GT5 head-to-head with other IGN fans. Have a drink on us. Do you want to know where? Follow Scott Bromley or Ben Dally on My IGN and check back on Friday for more details.

Sign up your two-person team today at AskMen