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Fly with Surf Air
Start flying with Surf Air
Take advantage of Surf Air, the newest way to fly. With Surf Air, you can book last minute flights through the app and arrive at the airport without dealing with the hassles associated with travel. Parking? Complimentary. TSA? Skip it. Flights are available throughout most of the west coast (including Nevada), letting you travel effortlessly.
Choose from two programs

Surf Air Unlimited Flights
Unlimited Flights
This is the frequent flyer dream – Fly as many times as you’d like, wherever you’d like. This option provides you convenience and efficiency that is unsurpassed in the aviation industry. For a limited time, you can book trial flights to experience Surf Air first hand.
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Pay per Flight
If you are a casual flyer who only needs limited access to flights, you can sign up for Club Sportiva’s newest program, FlightShare. The same Membership Points that you use for vehicle outings, can now be applied to any flight wherever Surf Air flies.
Learn about FlightShare

  Car Sharing Programs


If you finance, lease, or own your vehicle, your vehicle is eligible for CarShare. Depending on the make and model, CarShare may fully cover your vehicle payments or accrue Member Points, which can be utilized on other vehicles in the Collection.

Lease Share - CarShare Program

PointShare - CarShare Program

Transfer a car you already own or would like to purchase into the Club Sportiva Collection and gain access to the Collection. When the vehicle is utilized for Client Outings, you accrue 50% of that value as Points, which can be used to book Outings in any Club Sportiva vehicle. In addition, you’ll receive complimentary access to the vehicle you Point Shared.

If neutralizing deprecation is your cup of tea, you can provide Club Sportiva a short term loan towards the purchase of an exotic that you and Club Sportiva agree upon. You’ll be guaranteed a rate of return of up to prime on the loan, with complimentary access to the investment vehicle a few outings per month.

Investor Share - CarShare Program

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