Porsche 911 Lineup goes Turbo

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If you’ve ever wanted a turbo charged Porsche, wait until the next iteration to purchase one for roughly half the price. However, the rear may only contain the Carrera emblem, as all 911 models, with the exception of the GT3, will be turbocharged. Purists may aghast at this notion and cite tradition as the primary… Read more »

McLaren P1 GTR coming to Geneva

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The P1 GTR will officially be making its debut at the Geneva Autoshow. McLaren was spotted testing earlier this month, fine tuning the aero and cooling. The details around the car have been heavily guarded, but we do know one official figure; 986. That is the amount of hp expected to be derived from the hybrid… Read more »

Don’t underestimate this Volvo 240

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One car that seems to bring nostalgia to everyone that grew up in the 80s is the Volvo 240s. Regardless of the guise it was in, it’s sole purpose was to transport you safely in a reliable package. But what if you can make it sportier? While most of us imagined it and drew our… Read more »

Bring on the Shelby GT350R

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While the Ford GT stole the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, another car may have been just as significant in setting performance benchmarks. Coincidently, that vehicle was also released by Ford and is called the Shelby GT350R, a hardcore variant of the already insane GT350. The additions to this track star begin with a completely tweaked aero… Read more »

Artists turn tables to stone

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Eskayel & Dane Co have collaborated to create the ultimate faux stone tables. Using a combination of inks and watercolors, the artists were able to mimic the look of marble on a variety of surfaces in their collection. Their work is topped off with heavy duty lacquer, which provides the reflective patterns and feel of actual stone. The collection… Read more »

SRT Viper Victorious at the Tire Rack Ultimate Track Car Challenge

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The SRT Viper that won it all

After a full day of thrills and spills, Ben Keating and Riley Motorsports emerged as the victors in their Dodge Viper SRT GT3-R. How ultimate was this Viper? Its 1:45.394 lap time would have earned it pole position at last year’s American Le Mans Series race at VIR.