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There has been so much speculation and renderings around the 2014 Corvette that it seems as though the car is not much of a mystery anymore.  In fact, some publications have even used the highly refined renderings in stories as if it was the actual car.  Well, a recently leaked service bulletin shows us that these renderings were anything but far off.  But, regardless of how accurate the predictions were, even a picture as sparse as this one shows the next corvette to be one handsome sports car.  Bold, tall front fenders offer a familiar and welcome Corvette cue, while aggressive hood vents and more upright headlight orientation provide a nice mix of overt muscle car tendencies and sophistication.  Word has it that Chevy will be giving the new Vette’s interior a healthy dose of upscale to match the sleek new exterior.  We’ll be keeping our eye out for more clues.

– Evan W.

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