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The Audi S8 was introduced in a land of AMG Mercedes and faired well with suitable power and luxury to spare, allowing the S8 to beat its rivals in every category. However, Mercedes dropped a bombshell with their new S63, and upped the ante with a 577hp version of their largest super saloon. According to the logic of Audi Engineers, the only response isn’t just to make more power than their rivals, but to prove that all aspects of their car pronounce their Alpha character.

Enter the Audi S8 Plus, which puts out a ridiculous 605hp from its force fed V-8. Considering that the “regular” S8 sprinted to 60mph in less than 4 seconds (3.5 seconds according to some publications), we can comfortably say that the Plus should be quick enough to put Donald Trump on edge about his wig. If you have no hair, you’ll be glad to know that this vehicle can make you feel just like Jason Statham.

Inside, the cabin remains unchanged, which is a great thing. The interior is still one of the best in the business, providing comfort and control that can be finely adjusted for your driving behavior. However, in this game of German luxury chess, Audi has made its move. We’ll stay tuned for Mercedes’ reaction.