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Princess Juliana Airport is right off the shore of Sint Marteen. With international flights flying right over head of beach goers at Maho Beach. Princess Juliana is a public airport with many flights coming in everyday. Aircraft range from commercial airliners to Cessnas. In the photos below you can really understand just how close the planes get to this little beach.

Club Sportiva blog overhead shot of airport

A birds eye view of the airport, you can see the beach on the left side.



Club Sportiva Blog short beach shore

The beach is extremely short, with only about 60 yards between the landing strip and water.


Club Sportiva Blog Maho beach warning sign

Beach goers are warned of the dangerous events that planes may cause.


Piper PA-23-250 Aztec - N6904A (c/n 27-7954076)

Aircraft of many sizes land at Princess Juliana.

Club Sportiva Blog Maho beach airplane shadow

The water gets cold instantly with the plane’s shadow.

Tourists at St. Maarten Airport, Netherlands Antilles

If you visit Maho beach, bring a camera!