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Acura’s NSX is finally in production and Honda has come up with several brand new processes for their Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC) in Marysville, Ohio where 8 Acura NSXs are built every day.

Inside the 200,000 square foot plant, a single technician builds each entire engine. 547 Studs and Bolts go into each one before it’s tested at 1,000rpm with fluids to be perfectly balanced by adding any necessary mass to the front end by attaching additional bolts.

The NSX uses an aluminum space frame that is joined by Mig Welding, which causes enough heat to distort pieces. To counteract that, Acura has the opposite sides being welded by robots at the same time to balance the distortion.

Their new bath primer system with 4 phases makes sure that paint really pops and sealant sticks well to the frame for low noise inside the cabin. Robots apply 5 coats of paint and 4 coats of clear coat.

Unlike many other car plants, the PMC adds body panels as a final step in the assembly process. The car is run and tested even before the doors are on! The body panels are added in 22 different stations which take about an hour each.

The wheel alignment process has two patents pending on it. One for a reflector mount which mounts to the center of the rim as opposed to current ones which mount to the edges, and another for a technician chair connected to the lift for precise alignment.

Finally, the built NSX is run on a 4-wheel dyno to test the turbos and speedometer. Break force is measured at exactly 55mm to check brake feel and performance.

Here’s a quick video through the factory:


If you’ve got an NSX on order, you’ll be invited for a tour of the factory later this year.

If not, don’t worry! Here’s a 360º video to show around. If you’re on a phone, just move it around to see what’s around you.