the GigaMansion

$500 million GigaMansion

For $500,000,000 you could buy 294 Bugatti Veyron’s, 9 G5 Jet’s, or plenty of mansions anywhere in the world. OR you can buy 1 (just one) GigaMansion in the Bel-Air Hills. Nile […]

0-200 MPH in a Corvette

What’s it take to get a Corvette to 200 miles per hour in just over 4 seconds? 4,000 horsepower is what. Check out this monster running a 4.063 in the […]

1000hp Street GT-R

When it comes to huge power figures at a relatively low cost, the Nissan GT-R R35 is a top contender. Based in Los Angeles, BulletProof Automotive, an international distributor of high end […]

You can own a 1974 As world series ring

1974 A’s World Series Ring for Sale

In 1972, 73′, and 74′ The Oakland As won the World Series. Gene Tenace who played catcher and first baseman is now listing two pieces of memorabilia up for sale. […]