“Mexico is the next China,” -Ferrari CEO

China’s fiery luxury and exotic car market has cooled off a bit, especially since its explosive growth around 2010.  Amid the massive growth, top-notch brands like Rolls-Royce and Ferrari were […]

$3.4 Million W Motors Lykan Hypersport Gets Suicide Doors

Is it possible to claim supremacy in the Exotic Car realm by price alone?  We’d bet the vast majority of you would say no, and we would agree.  But, back […]

0-200 MPH in a Corvette

What’s it take to get a Corvette to 200 miles per hour in just over 4 seconds? 4,000 horsepower is what. Check out this monster running a 4.063 in the […]

10 days before the new season of Top Gear begins!

The gang is back for season 22 of the most entertaining automotive show, ever. While we did get a dose of the outspoken trio with an extended Christmas special, we’ll finally get back […]