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One car that seems to bring nostalgia to everyone that grew up in the 80s is the Volvo 240s. Regardless of the guise it was in, it’s sole purpose was to transport you safely in a reliable package. But what if you can make it sportier? While most of us imagined it and drew our box Volvo’s on paper,Mattias Vocks decided to build it.

What you have is a discrete Volvo with a 740hp turbocharged inline-6 under the hood that could easily be mistaken for something slower. However, viewing this car for its lack of flamboyancy is missing the point. The attention is in the details, where a formidable part of the car had to be reengineering to cope with the massive power, including changes to the driveline and increasing chassis stiffness.

The most interesting aspect of this vehicle are the brakes, which are derived from a Koenigsegg CC8S brakes. This boutique setup is possible, since Vocks works at Koenigsegg’s prototyping department.

We hope that Vocks continues on his Volvo spree and builds up a 240 wagon to create the ultimate sleeper!

Source:: Speedhunters