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We recently reported that Jag’s sultry C-X75 hypercar wouldn’t make it into production, but did you really think such an ambitious concept from Jag would just turn to dust?  As you might imagine, the C-X75, whether it was ever destined for production or not, is a representation of what is to come.  So, to put it crudely, its time for Jag to dig into the C-X75’s parts bin and see what exciting things it can come up with.  In an interview with PistonHeads, Cosworth’s principal engineer Andy Ball said that they’re prepping a four-cylinder for next year.  Jag has been successful in installing smaller, more efficient (though still powerful) engines in its current models, so an exciting new 4 seems quite feasible.  Cosworth noted that the motor will “have similar specific power as a Formula 1 engine of 300 horsepower per liter.”  Sounds awful nice to us!  For a quick refresher, the C-X75 concept was powered by a 1.6-liter four-cylinder turbocharged and supercharged engine churning out 502 horsepower in addition to two electric motors that tacked on 390 more horsepower.  Altogether this powerplant delivered 850 horsepower and launched the C-X75 to 60 in 3.4 seconds and topped out at 205 mph.  On its battery pack alone the hypercar could travel up to 68 miles, but managed 560 miles once its turbines made an appearance.


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