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Lamborghini’s new Super Veloce is a 741 horsepower beauty that handles as wonderfully as it looks, and puts the standard Aventador to shame. The SV has a fixed carbon fiber wing rather than the active aero kit of the Aventador and has floormats made of aluminum with skateboard grip tape rather than regular carpets. The true difference shows in the performance which comes from the magnetic shocks and dynamic steering.

Dynamic Steering (borrowed from Audi) alters the weight of the steering rack by factoring in speed, driving mode, and grip to make controlling the car at high speeds much easier, and safer. The magnetic shocks are similar to those used in the Huracan, Ferrari 488 GTB, and Camaro ZL1. This lets it absorb rougher patches of road & track to keep high speed without compromising on handling.

The Lamborghini 750-4 Super Veloce is a V12 Lambo that delivers on performance! The Miura, Countach, Diablo and Murcielago were brilliant in their own rights but they couldn’t tear up roads with confidence, like many drivers would have liked them to.

Not many would compare the Aventador SV to the Porche 918 but the numbers are too close not to notice them. Around Big Willow at Willow Spring Raceways the SV does the lap in just 2 more seconds than the Million+ Dollar Porsche 918. However, the SV is on Pirelli Corsa tires as the Trofeo R tires are not yet made in a size for the 750-4. With the help of a stickier tire, the SV might just beat the 918 Spyder around the track.