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After its revival, Maybach aspired to be on the same playing field as elite luxury staples like Bentley and Rolls-Royce.  Originally a pre-WWII marque, Maybach has built opulent autos now regarded as classics.  Over the nine year post-revival production cycle, the car made quite an impression, however slow sales and a cult following of hip hop icons combined with outdated underpinnings hammered the nail in Maybach’s coffin.  Just as quickly as Daimler decided to end the life of its elite luxury marque three years ago, they go ahead and decide to revive it for 2014.  Apparently enough has changed to validate the relaunch of the brand.  The introduction of the redesigned 2014 S-Class was the catalyst to Maybach’s return to land of the living.  The new elite luxury cars will be based on the future proof S-Class, but fitted with an extra-long wheelbase to accommodate the business class luxury icing on Maybach’s six-figure cake.  Maybach flopped because it was built on an outdated platform and failed to fit its cars with the evolving technology seen on Benz’s mid-2000s model lineup.  We hope Maybach learned its lesson prior to its return to the industry.  Third time’s the charm.
-Evan W.

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