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McLaren has released some information about the upcoming long tail version of the 650s, which has been dubbed the “675LT.” Unlike your dad’s Suburban, LT in McLaren speak is Long Tail. This isn’t new for McLaren, which incorporated a long tail variant of their first supercar; the F1. The reason for creating such a car is to reduce drag, and thereby increase the top speed of the vehicle, a formula that is immensely beneficial on tracks with long straightaways (think LeMans).

We can surely expect some technologies and weight saving measures from the P1 program to trickle down to the 675LT. If McLaren can keep the weight gain to a minimum, this car will redefine the benchmarks in the entry supercar segment.

As the name suggests, power will be bumped up from 650hp to 675hp, which may not seem like much in relative terms, but could be utilized to offset any weight gains. Coincidently, if horsepower is measured in the American manner we arrive at 666bhp. The devil is surely alive.

The new McLaren will be launched at Geneva, where it will face stiff competition from the reinvigorated Ferrari 488 and Lamborghini’s Huracan. With that said, McLaren is never one to remain complacent even when they are ahead of the pack, so we’ll gladly wait to see its performance figures.


Watch the short teasers below:

Source:: Top Gear