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We’ve welcomed two new electric cars into our collection for Summer 2016. The Tesla Model X P90D in Metallic Blue and a Fiat 500E that we offer complimentary to Members.

Tesla Model X key


Here are our three favorite features of the Model X.


Auto-Closing Driver Door

We didn’t think this would be a feature we’d notice at all, but having the door close automatically when putting your foot on the brake to start the car takes out a whole step in the process and makes getting going a much faster process. It’s like the time savings of a left-side Porsche ignition and 90s automatic seatbelt all in one.


This is hands down our favorite feature in the Model S and it carries over perfectly to the X. Stop and Go traffic is no longer a chore because the Tesla will do it all, from 0mph all the way to cruising speed.


Helicopter Style Windshield


Need we say more? The driving experience of the Model X is different than anything else, imagine a convertible without the wind or windshield. Getting inside the Model X is a step into the future of automobiles and maximum creature comforts.


Fiat 500E

Fiat 500E-1

The Fiat 500e is a fantastic commuter car and zippy to drive around the city. It has room for four and if you fold the rear seats, quite a large hatch for moving furniture or going on a shopping-spree.

Members receive two complimentary days a month with the 500e by simply contacting their Member Liaison and reserving the car.