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Alejandro Salomon (better known as Salomondrin) is a car enthusiast from Southern California known for his one-off Pagani Hauyra 730S edition and extensive car collection including a 918 Spyder, Rolls Royce Wraith and Porsche GT3RS. In the first episode of the new car show Bangin Gears, he made a bet with his friend Dean that if the ACR beat the 918 around the track he’d put in an order for one. To properly test out the cars they got Joe from GMG Racing to pilot both around the track at Thermal in Palm Springs, CA.

The 918 has 889 combined horsepower from the dual electric motors (154hp for the rear wheels, 127hp for the front) and 4.6L naturally aspirated V8 (608hp). It hits 62mph in a mind-blowing 2.2 seconds!

The ACR Viper has 645 horsepower from a naturally aspirated 8.4L V10 that drives the rear wheels through a 6-speed manual transmission (very similar to our SRT Viper). A key difference between the ACR and other current generation Vipers is the aerodynamic kit comprised of 10 adjustable pieces. The ACR comes with a removable front splitter extension, an adjustable dual-element rear wing, four dive planes, six removable diffuser strakes, removable brake ducts, and hood louvers that can be popped out to decrease air pressure in the wheel wells. It also has carbon ceramic brakes (a first for Viper) that let it halt hard into the corners.

In a quarter mile race, it should be easy to assume the winner, but around the track, the 918 just can’t corner as hard as the ACR even with its all wheel drive system because it lacks downforce. Take a look at the video to see how the 918 compared to the ACR Viper and Bugatti Veyron.