Shelby Mustang GT350

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In the words of Jason Cammisa at Motor Trend, “the GT350 has 526 horsepower and it needs no marketing department.” He’s absolutely correct. The 526 horsepower flat crank V8 speaks for itself with a redline of 8,250rpm. It doesn’t just speak, it roars louder than the 20s! We teamed up with Borelli Motor Sports to put it on the dyno for a reality-check and it pushed 470 horsepower through the rear tires. The 371ft/lbs of torque make it loads of fun, the rear wheels just want to push you into the back of your seat. Did we mention it has a 6-speed manual transmission and revs past 8,000 rpm?

The GT350 feels like the perfect cocktail of power and handling performance. Our (retired) Shelby GT500 definitely had the power, and it could keep up on the backroads but the rear end was not nearly as planted as the GT350’s, the front end wasn’t either really. Now Shelby has made certain that the car will stick to the road like bubble gum to the bottom of your shoes.


Both the MotorTrend and CNET team applauded the GT350 for being so aggressive yet manageable for everyday driving. Take a look at their videos below to enjoy more of the V8 roar.

“Suddenly it’s America building the best driver’s cars. A Muscle car that can easily show the world sports cars how it’s done.” –Jason Cammisa – Motor Trend


“Light, crisp, muscular, but not steroidal. Utterly and completely drivable everyday.” – Brian Cooley – CNET on Cars