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The new second generation Audi R8 takes an evolutionary step in the styling department. While some hoped for a radical design of its predecessor, times have changed. Audi is now one of the most successful luxury brands on the market. As the flagship vehicle for the Audi lineup, the R8 embodies Audi’s design language and performance philosophy for the next decade. This success has ironically becomes its constraint, albeit one that has been beautifully executed.

What the new R8 doesn’t conjure up in design, it makes up for with a few tricks under its bodywork. For one, it shares its new architecture with the Lamborghini Huracan, which means that the second gen Audi R8 goes on a slight diet, shedding approximately 100lbs, while growing in every dimension. In addition, the power to weight ratio increases with a fully revised 5.2L V-10 which puts out an ungodly 610hp, good enough for a conservatively rated 3.2 second 60mph run. This engine is a gem, and is the only naturally aspirated motor in the segment, and may possibly the last generation of the R8 to have this type of motor.

The interior is refreshed, and affirms Audi’s commitment to building the best the interiors in the super car space. As you’d expect from an Audi, all aspects of the cabin are driver centric and provide you the safety and confidence to navigate any tarmac, from a parking lot to a highway stretch.

The Audi R8 debuts with the V-10. However, expect other variants, including the V-8, E-tron, and performance models later in the pipeline. We can’t wait to see how this vehicle benchmarks against the new Ferrari 488GTB and the McLaren 540C.