Ferrari 458 Italia in Black and White

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The Ferrari 458 Italia is a beautiful car, there’s no doubt about it. But can it drive as smoothly as it looks? The short answer, yes.

Although Ferrari’s are meant for the track and roaming through wine country like a wild horse, the Italia is two-faced. It can outrun a Corvette on the track and be part of a nice evening in the city, even making traffic comfortable. It’s no Rolls Royce Ghost but it has all the comforts you want, and more, for a super sports coupe. At low speeds in fully automatic mode the shifts are seamless. The exhaust valves are closed so your ears won’t get tired and the stereo system makes the cabin feel like Carnegie Hall.

The steering varies depending on the mode that you’re driving in, at slow speeds in sport auto mode, it is very light and nimble. When you get to higher speeds, the steering weight increases giving you plenty of feedback on the road. You might be thinking that a car of the Ferrari’s caliber should be easy to drive at low speeds, but few of them are. For instance the Lamborghini Gallardo feels more similar to a Hummer H1 than a Mini when trying to make a u-turn or find a parking spot.

Driving a 458 is a pleasant experience all the time, slow speeds or full throttle, it just gets a lot of smiles per gallon. If you haven’t driven it yet, you should, because everyone should drive a Ferrari at least once in their life.